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a compilation of works & terms of use

Posted on 2036.12.31 at 00:00
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I decided that, in order to keep track of my own creations and make it easier for people to find them, I'll post a downloads directory here. I've made an insane amount of stuff, be warned.

DirectoryCollapse )

PolicyCollapse )

melt - ts4 leopard print bustiers

Posted on 2014.12.28 at 10:55
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I made something for the first time in months, click the picture to go to the Tumblr page to download. :)

more sims 4 things!

Posted on 2014.08.25 at 20:06
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absolute beginners

Bats! Sims 4 was lacking them. Click the picture for the download link and additional colour.

i made a sims 4 thing!

Posted on 2014.08.25 at 16:05
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Despite not having actually decided if I'm gonna get Sims 4 yet (though it's looking likely) I've been having loads of fun with the demo, and even started making CC! Click the picture to go to the download link. :)


partytime - dresses for af

Posted on 2014.05.18 at 19:14
Current Music: Specimen - Give What You Get

If I don't have enough gothy dresses yet then neither do you. Click the picture to go to the download page at GoS, :)

surf bat - hair for tm-am

Posted on 2014.05.18 at 19:11
Current Music: Specimen - Medicine Man
surf bat kicker

Hair! In shiny colours! Click the picture to go get them. :)

tbto for trapping!

Posted on 2014.05.18 at 19:09
Current Music: Specimen - Haunted House

I made something for Trapping in TBTO, click HERE to go to the thread. :)

sharp teeth - psuedo-deathhawks for female sims

Posted on 2014.03.30 at 03:37
Current Music: The Cure - One Hundred Years

Finally managed to make something resembling a deathhawk for my sims! Female only right now, if I find a male conversion of this I might copypasta the textures over, and it works for all ages. Elders go gray in the naturals but stay bright in the neons, and these are actually binned and familied by me for once (thanks to Lace for pointing me towards an easy binning tool!). Previews of all colours are below and the filenames have the colours in them if you don't want all of them. Credit to Nouk for the mesh, Aelia/Sims2Heaven for the textures, and Pooklet and AlfredAskew for the colours.


coma white - four outfits for tf

Posted on 2014.03.07 at 18:44
Current Music: Marilyn Manson - The Last Day On Earth
I made a thing! Click the image to go get it at GoS. :)

blind date gifts!

Posted on 2014.02.24 at 00:54
Current Music: Rammstein - Zwitter

Troubadour shared my Blind Date gift (blazers for af, skirts for tf, wallpaper and rugs) over at GoS - go click the picture to get it, and check out the other stuff in the thread (including the cool things they made for me!) while you're there. :)

saltine house

Posted on 2014.02.09 at 22:01
Current Music: Jack White - Love Interruption
Sims2EP9 2014-02-09 21-17-00-30
Sims2EP9 2014-02-09 21-17-19-68

Part one of a followers gift over at Tumblr - click here to see more pictures and download. :)

(Ignore the grid lines in the first picture, I only noticed them after I'd uploaded everything. >.<)

tyrants - bat sweaters with jeans and boots for am

Posted on 2014.02.06 at 22:07
Current Music: Prick - I Got It Bad

Pretty much what it says on the picture. These have actually been done for months, I just keep forgetting to upload them. Consider them my "goodbye, teenage years!" gift, I turn twenty in two days. :P

Mesh included, credit to Aikea.


hair of the dog - pj bottoms for am

Posted on 2014.01.14 at 20:47
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - The Great Destroyer
hair of the dog

These have actually been finished since the summer, but I've repeatedly forgotton to get a preview picture. Six pajama things for AM, basegame mesh and textures, patterns from Colourlovers and Aimee Wilder.


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