i made a sims 4 thing!

Despite not having actually decided if I'm gonna get Sims 4 yet (though it's looking likely) I've been having loads of fun with the demo, and even started making CC! Click the picture to go to the download link. :)


sharp teeth - psuedo-deathhawks for female sims


Finally managed to make something resembling a deathhawk for my sims! Female only right now, if I find a male conversion of this I might copypasta the textures over, and it works for all ages. Elders go gray in the naturals but stay bright in the neons, and these are actually binned and familied by me for once (thanks to Lace for pointing me towards an easy binning tool!). Previews of all colours are below and the filenames have the colours in them if you don't want all of them. Credit to Nouk for the mesh, Aelia/Sims2Heaven for the textures, and Pooklet and AlfredAskew for the colours.
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blind date gifts!


Troubadour shared my Blind Date gift (blazers for af, skirts for tf, wallpaper and rugs) over at GoS - go click the picture to get it, and check out the other stuff in the thread (including the cool things they made for me!) while you're there. :)
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